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Preparing for emergencies.

One of the biggest problems you will face during an emergency is where am I going to sleep tonight?  Was your house damaged?  Is there electric?  Can you cook?  What about the refrigerator?  Do you have enough food?

Step 1 - Prepare.  Don’t wait for the emergency to think about what you will need.  Remember, your house may be severely damaged or the storm may be approaching and you must evacuate quickly.  Have all of your essential equipment in one easy to access location.  Create a check list of the items that you must add to the exiting kit – things such as food, water and ice that you may not be able to store with your camping gear.

Shelter – Ok, so you bought your new tent and the directions say it’s easy setup.  Have you tried to set it up?  Are any parts missing?   You need to practice setting up your tent.  Does it need staked down due to the wind?  Can everyone fit inside?  What about your gear?  How much space does your tent take up in your vehicle?

Now, your tent is setup.  What are you sleeping in?  Sleeping bag?  Is it warm enough?  Too hot?  How about the ground – too hard?  Do you need an air mattress or foam pad?  How much space will this take up?
Side note – When traveling long distances several of my instructors keep a small tent in their vehicle just in case they become stranded and help is not immediately available.

Whether you are camping for fun with the family or preparing for disasters that may force you to live outdoors such as a hurricane, tornado, flood or other such disaster preparation is the key.  We offer simple, easy and fun camping trips for those that want to learn the right way where and how to camp in Florida. 

If you are interested in learning more about 1 or 2 day camping in Florida trips please contact us using the contact button on our web page.