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If you had to feed yourself and your family for a week living entirely off of what you caught fishing do you think you could do it?  For many of us we live near an abundant supply of fresh, healthy to eat fish.  In some locations its freshwater fishing, in others it’s saltwater fishing and in some locations such as my home in Jupiter I could easily be fishing in either fresh or salt water within a few minutes paddle from my home.

Our course is designed to show you the basis of how to catch fish, not only for pleasure, but in case of an emergency such as natural disaster impacts the food supply and you need to provide for your family. 

The first thing to consider is how are you going to get to the fish.  Are you close enough to the water where you can walk?  Next, how are you going to get to the fish?  Cast a line from shore?  Boat?  Kayak?

My instructors, all of whom are fisherman with many years experience, professional boat captains, guides and accomplished anglers will teach you how to identify where to fish, how best to catch a fish, determine if it's safe to eat, clean the fish and prepare the fish for dinner.

Without spending thousands of dollars on equipment we will help you decide what equipment you need.

Ocean – Saltwater fishing can be a lot of fun and the fish can taste great.  But keep in mind if you are fishing for food due to a hurricane getting out on your boat may be a problem.  Was the boat damaged by the storm?  How about getting the boat to the boat ramp?  Downwed trees, damaged docks, rough seas and a lot of floating debris are very common after the storm.  Now, what about fuel?  Boats need gasoline and typically fuel is scarce after a hurricane or disaster.

Freshwater fishing – Smaller boats could mean less fuel and it might be easier to get the boat in the water but you still have floating debris, as well as many of the other problems listed above.

Airboats – This is another option that we can offer you.  If would like to learn how to drive airboat and think this is your best bet to get to the fish we can teach you how to drive an airboat and what to look for when trying to find the fish.

Kayaks – This is my favorite way to get to where I need in the event of a disaster.  I live in Florida, close to the water, which means we have a great potential to flood.  If my area flooded and I needed to move about to catch dinner, check on neighbors or just survey the damage a Kayak is an easy, low tech way to move around in flooded areas.  No gasoline required, no danger of floating debris damaging the propeller and getting stuck is rarely a problem in a kayak.

If you would like to learn how to fish off a big boat in the ocean, a smaller boat in fresh water, off of land, a bridge, the beach, an airboat or a kayak call us.  We are here to help you plan for all disasters.